Magnificent Old Flag


I pass her each morning

She waves for me,

That magnificent old flag,

A Reminder of what it takes to be free.

I know she waved with Washington

On a cold morning crossing the Delaware.

At the Battle of New Orleans,

With Old Hickory, she was there.

She flew above Fort Sumter,

Back in the war between the states,

Suffered tremendously during reconstruction,

From the bias and hate.

She never wavered or fell

Always held high for all to see,

Our magnificent old flag,

A reminder of what it takes to be free.

She was with Teddy Roosevelt

At San Juan Hill,

She never backed down

When serving with the Lafayette Esquadrille.

She flew with the marines at Iwo,

And carried with pride at the end of WWII.

In the cold mountains of Korea,

In the snow and mud, she was there for you.

In Viet Nam she staggered,

Was spit upon and burned,

But she rose from the Ashes

On 9/11 as the pride returned.

She is flying high now

A symbol of our nations pride,

May freedom reign supreme,

With her and God on our side.

Each morning I pass her by,

Never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

Waving high in the breeze,

I give thanks once more for being free.

Ferrell L. “Huck” Hickson, MSgt Retired, USAF

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some patriotic thoughts.

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