Thoughts on War


Hear the babies crying

No food for there tummies,

The politicians lying,

They sold their souls for monies.

The babies die a lingering death,

As they starve in their mother’s arms,

Politicians build their wealth,

Giving oil for food dollars to buy arms.

Can’t let his people starve to death,

He helps them with gas, take their last breath.

But yet the world demands humanity,

For this animal...geez!

Then those who helped behead

Unarmed prisoners in their care,

But when one ends up dead,

In ours, it is hell to pay, is that fair?

These animals are not governed

by the rules of war,

But we have extended the privilege to them…

what for?

Geneva conventions do not apply,

To a civilian dressed combatant,

Whose only right is to die.

It is called warfare,

But war is not fair.

To win, you must employ every dirty trick in the book,

Give no quarter, ask none, don’t give it a second look.

I am hear to say,

War is not fair,

Don’t try to play it that way.

Or you will lose..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Combatants in civilian clothes are not entitled to protection under the Geneva Conventions as they are putting innocents at risk.  The fact that we aren't just executing these people is magnanimous enough.

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