Back To The Way We Were

By Judy Costea and Ferrell L. “Huck” Hickson

What is all of this?

Birthday or anniversary, I miss?

No my darling Seina,

I did all this.

It seems like it has been years,

And between us we have shed a million tears,

The days and nights have come and went,

But tonight is the night for my special present.

The candles are lit, Way We Were playing softly on the stereo,

Tonight is the first night in a long time that we have been alone.

Take off your clothes and let my eyes drink in your beauty,

The bubbles in the garden tub,

Join me,


T’is not the present I had planned

I wanted to seduce you with a dance

To give my loving husband a surprise

Then maybe to the bubbles naked we'll prance.

Come my handsome husband

Let me take your mind to heaven

We have all night to make love

Kids in bed and it's only eleven.

Candles and sweet music playing

Let me show how much I love you

Sit right here and enjoy with your eyes

The beautiful things I'm going to do.

Give me a minute to freshen myself up

To put on your favorite nightwear

Be patient my husband this is for you

In a while I'll have you growling like a bear.

So the tub will have to wait for now

Cause I want this night to be so perfect

So lay back husband and let me take over

Tonight is the night our souls connect.

I didn't forget about the surprise

I had promised you in my letters

I keep my promises to you my love

Tonight, nothing could make this better.

I know you wanted to do so much more,

That about you, I do adore,

But these moments are fleeting and I fear to wait,

So much has happened to us to date.

There is nothing you can adorn yourself with,

That could give me more bliss,

Than feeling our naked bodies generating heat,

And we can hear our hearts beat.

Caressing your soft skin,

Exploring you as we did back then.

This would suffice for me,

As we savor this moment free.

I have waited so long to have you alone,

I don’t want to waste a moment one.

Your ruby lips are sweeter than wine,

The nectar of your love sweeter than honey of any kind.

I am dying to wrap you up in these waiting arms,

To devour all your charms.

Kissing you from head to toe,

Then starting over for more.

I set these candles out to set the mood,

Put our favorite song on, just for us two.

The rose petals in the bubble bath clouds

Yielding their fragrances but not loud.

You are the air that I breathe and the water I drink,

You are my very life…I think.

For without you, I could not be,

Going through life together is our destiny.

Sean, You are not going to do this to me

I realize how much time we have been apart

How long we have waited for this moment

But this is something I've planned, this part...

I have been looking forward to doing this

It gives me pleasure teasing you this way

You know how much you enjoy my body

Well baby behave and enjoy the foreplay...

We can get down to serious love in a bit

Now lay back and let me enjoy pleasing you

Nothing will ruin our night I've seen to it

I want you just as much and you know I do..

So this night is going to begin as I planned

Take a deep breath my love and close your eyes

I just purchased something special for tonight

Along with some of your favorite high thighs...

So no more talk it's time to step out from here

I promised my husband a special sexy dance

So no more trying to talk me out of this you hear

Let me treat my husband to some sweet romance...

Let me be the present you unwrap tonight

As I dance into your strong loving arms

Kiss these red ruby lips with such hunger

Show this woman how you turn on the charm..

As you unbutton my camisole with fingers nimble

Seeing how your eyes devour my body with desire

I feel the heat from your hands as you touch me

I know our souls are connecting, do you feel the fire?

This dance of our souls we birth forward a new life

Let your lips dance across my skin as our love begins

Your eyes see the women I once was, and as I am now

Take me in your arms, let us devour this love from within...

Let our bodies become one as our souls melt into love

Taste of love on our lips leaves us hungering for more

Bring me to the edge my love as each wave over takes us

Our bodies release of sweet love come crashing into shore...

I have waited for so long to hold you like this,

Feel your body next to me, taste your sweet lips.

I just don’t have the words to express,

As, “I love you” just barely suggests,

How very much you mean to me,

Without you, there is no me.

Oooo, you do that so well

I am in heaven, I do tell.

Mmmm I love your perky breasts,

How they seem to come alive under my breath.

This cute little belly,

Really sweet with strawberry jelly.

Oh Seina, I am so glad we are one,

So thankful your heart I won.

“I love you Seina,” I guess is the only way to say.

I will love you more tomorrow than today.

It will be so until I depart this life,

My lover, my best friend, my wife.

Sean, our love is rock solid on it's foundation

It was not an easy task getting to this place

The love we share for each other and in God

We could not have done it without his grace.

You have been my strength through it all

My faith has been tested as you've been too

Our love has weathered some rough storms

Faith and love is what helped us get through...

My darling husband, it's moments like this

I cherish every second being in your arms

I've waited sooo long to feel this way again

You just tease me with sweet tender charm..

'I love you Sean' all your little flirty ways

Feelings deep inside you always seem to stir

Bring back many memories of our younger days

Darling we've made it back to the way we were..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sean and Seina have come
full circle.. Back to the way we were.. is a written
collaboration done by Huck and Judy together..
The End to Letters Home
We Thank all of you for giving us your support
through out this whole poetic saga...

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