Sean Calls His Mom

Sean Calls His Mom


This is Sean.

I know you know.

I need your advice, soooo.

I met this girl that knocked me dead.

Huh? Yes mom, that is what I said.

She has beauty beyond compare,

Dancing brown eyes and raven black hair.

I was totally captivated and asked her to dine.

No, I burnt the beanie-weenies, but saved the wine.

No mom, we haven’t been to bed,

But that is why I called,

I want to ask her to wed.

I know you can’t tell much after one date,

But is seems I have known her forever,

We talked til the next morning late.

Do you think I would be moving to fast,

If when I see her tonight

I pop the question and ask?

Mom! Don’t be so giddy.

Yes, she is smart and witty.

She is studying for her RN

This would complement my doctoring.

So should I or shouldn’t I

I am depending on you mom

You are a woman…that is why.

Mooom, then just give me a gut feel,

I would appreciate advice on this deal.

By the way, her name is Seina…ain’t that cool.

I don’t want to ask her too soon and look like a fool.

Well if you or dad come up with an approach,

You all have always been my life’s coach.

I think I will ask her

If you all think I shouldn’t,

You have my number.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The saga continues. For more pieces of this collab. Huck and Judy's Collaborations.  

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