Water...Everywhere but Here


Water…want some,

Ain’t got none.

Congress sits and busts their yaps,

While we have no water in our taps.

Nor’east storm waters rush,

Here, not even water to flush.

Billions of dollars to play in space,

But still no water at our place.

Talk about throwin’ money into a black hole,

Money that could pay to be pumpin’ water to our reservoir I am told.

How about a few billion to pipe that water here,

Then I can stop crying in my beer.

I guess congress will jus’ keep yapin’ whilst I cry,

an our faucets will stay dry.

Y’all come down here to Tennessee

And you will see.

Don’t hesitate to stop by.

I would offer you a glass of water,

But our taps, they be dry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the people in south Tennessee and Georgia that have a severe water shortage. With the right funding a National water grid could be created where storm run off could be captured and pumped to areas in need. Will it happen? Doubtful.

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