For the Children


You kill their parents

what are they to do,

You let them live,

they will come after you.

For the children,

Make amends,

Otherwise the hatred

And cycle of violence

never ends.

For the children,

Let there be a new day.

Let them grow strong and free,

Let them live and play.

For the children,

Set aside your Jihad,

Let them be children,

Let their faith grow in God.

For the children

Let there be peace among men,

In jihads and wars,

No one wins.

Mother's weep at the loss of a son

Chidren weep, they have parents none.

God weeps at what you have done.

For the children, don't carry on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the children caught up in war. For the sons who are lost on both sides. For the innocents that are just 'collateral damage'.

For the Children for publication in June 2007 issue of Taj Mahal Review. Our Editor Dr. Santosh Kumar has approved it for publication in Taj Mahal Review to be  released in June 2007.

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