Sitting on the rivers edge watching gulls take wing

And sailboats floating by with sails like those gossamer things.

My mind drifts to a far off place

Far from the daily rat race.

To days I spent adrift and afloat

Serene days on Godsend, my boat.

Of time spent below with my wife

The one who defines my existence and my life.

How each minute upon the sea

Is a kind of rebirth, generally.

So sitting here I can travel afar

On flights of fantasy following a star.

Til it is time to come back to earth

And return to the place I work.

It is refreshing these little flights

Helps me make it to dawns last light.

Lunch is over and it is back to reality

To what is real and not a mystery.

Tomorrow is another day

And another fantasy foray.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Day dreaming once again.

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