That Little White Ball

Copyright 01/02/01

Is it any wonder mankind doesn't fall

When so many waste time chasing

that little white ball.

They say it is for the exercise,

but they will ride a cart.

Can't say I see any benefit in that for their hearts.

They hit the little white ball with a club,

Turn red, beat the ground, and yell

when it is a flub.

You can watch their blood pressure rise,

Until you think it will blow out their eyes.

In the sand, watch them flail.

Into the water and listen to them wail.

They will beat the bushes for minutes on end

Until those behind they start to offend.

The ultimate goal is to shoot a bird or better an eagle,

Just can't fathom killing something that regal.

When the round is done, they lie about the score,

And complain that the way they played was a chore.

But their little time out in the sun and cloudless blue,

Beats the hell out of doing all those honey-dos.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As promised, a light one before going back to the emotional ones.

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