To Bernie

Copyright 6/26/00

She runs her fingers through my hair

Takes a snip here and a snip there.

Trying to obtain that perfect look

You know?  The one in the book.

We share stories about life

Her boyfriends and my wife

About our kids that come and go.

About things We don't want to know.

I am convinced she is crazy

In a nice sort of way.

She definitely is not lazy

Cause she loves to play.

She laughs at my jokes as I  told  them

And cries when she reads my poems.

Her hair is red...this month at least

Heaven knows next month how she will tame the beast.

She is there to cut through thick and thin

When special needs arise she will come in.

I thank my wife that we have met

My wonderful hairstylist, Bernadette.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tribute to the lady that cuts my hair.  

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