Open Letter to Mary, Mother of Jesus

Copyright 12/5/00

Dear Mary ever virgin mother of our lord,

If I may have just a word,

About his childhood , not in the book

If you don't mind telling of those years,

please give us a look.

Was he like other toddlers as a child,

At times driving you a little wild?

When he started crawling and exploring,

Did he listen to your imploring,

To stay away from things that might hurt him

Only to have him pull up on the tablecloth for a whim.

Did Joseph have to use a stong hand

To keep him on track to the promised land?

Did he have a strong curiosity?

Did he keep the angels on their toes? Did he?

When he started to walk, was he well behaved,

Or like other children, many times needing to be saved?

When he started to talk was his favorite word "No!"?

Or did it just seem that was so?

Was he a handful at tabernacle,

Laughing out loud with a hearty cackle?

I don't intend to be disrespectful 'cause you raised a wonderful son,

And I know you know this letter is all in fun,

But inquiring minds want to know about his youth

Did you ever have to scold him? Tell us the truth.

When he disappeared to the temple, were you going crazy?

Oh, I see, its been so long that story is a little hazy.

Well, I thank you so much for your time

And pray you forgive and get a chuckle from this little rhyme.

Most blessed mother, thank you for your son,

And on raising him a job well done.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No disrespect intended

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