Ode to the Millennium

Copyright 12/16/99

The millennium has come and gone

Man went from horse-drawn cart to the moon and beyond.

From simple pleasure of a good meal after a hard days labor

To high paid stress and constant fighting between neighbors.

Oh lord let the end be near

How long can we go on in constant fear.

The young have lost respect for the old.

Parents can’t discipline their children I am told.

The children cry they are abused

And the parents are locked up, ain’t that a hoot?

Crime runs rampant in the street.

It is so bad, it makes even the strongest weep.

It is time for us to turn back the clock,

When we could sleep without door or lock,

Where parents nurtured their children the children did the same

Taking care of one another, including our old and insane.

Love for this thing or the other,

Has become more important than love for one another.

Where riches untold is all we need or want for

And when we have it all we still need more.

Let us return to love for one and all,

With faith in God to prevent our fall.

Where our health and family is riches beyond compare,

And when we get old, our children provide the care.

Where a man is as good as his word,

And disrespect by children is unheard.

Where the law is given its due

And our lawmen are respected to.

It is time to start over and get back to our roots,

Of faith in God, a strong mule, and a good pair of boots.

When mothers and wives wait with dinner prepared

For their husbands to come from the fields to be fed.

Children learn their prayers at an early age,

To tell the truth and earn an honest wage.

But the end is near I am afraid to say

Cause I don’t think man can go on in this way.

The time is at hand so turn from your wicked ways,

For the end comes for someone every minute of every day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reflections on the turn of the century.

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