Ode to a Trash Can

It sits there day after day

Soaking up the suns rays.

Sunlight reflecting from its glistening skin

This old receptacle of tin.

Through storms of rain and snow

It stands ready for us to throw

Waste paper, cans, and lunch trash too

It takes them all from me and you.

The can stands there with pride

Takes all nature throws at it and handles it in stride.

It survives brutal sanitation men

To stand and serve once again.

As age and rust take their toll

And trash men adds many new folds

The can becomes that which it held...

Trash...which is its death nell.

But like the phoenix, it will rise again

As a Toyota, Ford, Chevy, or bean can.

The circle of life continues around

As a renewed trash can comes to ground.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun, to see if I could write a poem about anything.  Opened my eyes and a trash can was the first thing I saw.

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