Copyright 5/16/00

There are defining moments in all our lives,

That reaffirms our faith in the on high.

When our neighbors come to our aid

With no plea or request being made.

Friends untold stepping forward with charity

Walking that mile with us, you see?

Putting themselves in our shoes,

Providing love and best wishes too.

Our loss of a loved one was a great sorrow,

But the love you have shown holds hope for tomorrow.

So many came forward and unselfishly gave,

To allow my husband to fly home

To give his departed mother a goodbye wave.

Your kindness, may God repay

For all the love you have shown this day.

This outpouring of love has touched us so,

You all will be in our prayers where ever we go.

There are not words to express how honored feel we,

To live in this close knit community.

We truely feel brothers and sisters are we,

Not neighbors, but a family.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poet's Note.

This poem was written for my friend Rose to thank all those that made it possible for her husband to fly home to his mother's funeral.  I pray it brought comfort to the family and friends that made the trip possible.

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love.  Without your help, my husband would not have been able to say his last goodbye to his dearly departed mother.  We are sure she is somewhere above smiling at the outpouring of love from this community that allowed her son to come home, but more importantly that her son and daughter-in-law have truely found a new family among their neighbors and friends.

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