I Dont Want to be a Country Song

Copyright 7/7/00

I don't want to be a country song,

Crying over a lost love long gone.

Sitting alone in the dark;

Booze trying to drown this broken heart.

I don't want to be a country song,

Trying to understand where I went wrong.

What caused our love to die?

Is there someone else? Is that why?

I don't want to be a country song,

To have to tell Momma at home.

The woman I would cherish for eternity,

Has left a broken and shattered me.

I don't want to be a country song,

Riding the rails back to where I belong.

Back to the farm, family, and friends;

And I guess this is where this thing ends.

Looks like I will be a country song,

After all, what else could go wrong.

I mentioned a broken heart and momma so frail,

Even threw in riding the rails.

Only thing missing is a gun rack and a dog named Blue in my pickup truck

And that is a forgone conclusion when your name is Huck.

Didn't say anything about prison so I will say, ain't goin' there

Looks like a perfect country song now, don't y'all hear?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun.  Thanks to Miranda Rae, I had to modify the last verse.

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