On Wife Abuse

Copyright 10/27/00

Listening to "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks,

We chuckle, amazingly quick.

It is on the subject of wife abuse,

One that is taken lightly by only the obtuse.

Why beating a helpless woman

Makes a man feel like a man,

Is something I will never understand.

Sure, they will apologize the next day

But, the trauma doesn't go away.

The children see, but don't understand,

Why this woman stays with this man.

She says, "I must stay so the kids have a dad"

A poor decision, really bad.

Is having a dad worth her life,

Or traumatizing the children with the strife?

Living in fear, is no life at all.

Living dead waiting for the axe to fall.

Get out, while you still can.

Get far away from that sick, sick man.

Run, run, run for the hills

Run away before he kills.

Take the children and go.

Find them a life where they can grow.

Will "Goodbye Earl" be funny still?

In a macabre sort of way it will.

Morbidity is society's thrill in life.

Luckily only half can be an abused wife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I apologize in advance for this one.  It is on a topic close to my heart and one that reared its ugly head in my consciousness recently.  It kept on nagging until I had to write.

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