Recapturing Innocence

Copyright 10/30/00

Sitting in this clearing

Listening to the robins sing,

I close my eyes and

Let my thoughts take wing.

Seeing the glistening dew the

First time through a child's eyes,

And wondering all the wonders why.

Is this droplet an angel's tear

Shed for the child that is near?

Another thought comes to mind,

Maybe a raindrop that got left behind.

That must be it I heard him say

As he shook the twig

To send it on its way.

He saw a butterfly

Such pretty colors

As it fluttered by.

He danced after it

Through buttercup and daffodil

Laughing happily at will.

Finally tired he sits by my side

And with eyes open wide

Asked “why my eyes were

Closed so tight.

How do you explain trying

To see the world with a

Child’s insight?

So I told a little lie,

“To keep the light out was why”.

Once again, innocence was lost,

But there for an instant

For a moment in time

I held it to my bosom

And it was boss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seeing the world through a child's eyes is remarkable.

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