Burger House Queen II

Copyright 10/29/00

The Burger House Queen

Cleans and cleans

Wondering how things

Might have been.

Had she been a singer

or a star

Instead of slinging burgers

in this bar.

What kind of life could

she have had?

Is the one she has

all that bad?

She is not rich

In material things

Only in those things

Wealth doesn't bring.

Her gold is the smile

of her child

when they make cookies.

The light in her husbands

Eyes when he gets

some nookie.

The warmth of their house

Oh so small.

The smell of fresh brewed

coffee wafting

down the hall.

Her riches are things

you can not buy.

Her fame, the love

In her family's eyes.

When you tally up all of

these things,

It ain't so bad...

being a Burger House Queen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my mentor, Adelaide Sirmons.  Reply to her Burger House Queen poem at http://www.geocities.com/asirmons/

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