Do you know HIm?

i am a car

he is the remote which unlocks

the gas which fills

the key which ignites

the foot that speeds

the hands that steer

the eyes that guide

he takes me where i dont want to go

tests my limits when I want to cruise

stops me when i want to move

speeds me up when i want to slow down

and parks me when I want to go

Who is He?

the blind came to see him

the deaf came to hear him

and the lame did walk with him

the priests couldn't trick him

the devil couldn't tempt him

the crowds couldn't accuse him

pilate couldn't judge him

the cross couldn't kill him

hell couldn't take him

and the grave

couldn't hold him

His name is Jesus

And He is more than just a man

He is my living God

And His Holy Spirit indeed lives in me

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