Way Of The Will

Here and now lies choice

Though momentum increases

Every second it reaches

Another present moment

Gone present to past

Replaced by another

And sooner or later

A decision is made

I stare through these glazed over panes

The nights are black

And the skies are plastered

By these mundane street lights

Such a sharp pain

Such bitter resentment

For the stars are veiled by them

And I am left to find comfort

In what is hidden from my eyes

Draw near to me oh God

For if I must be comforted

By what is hidden from me

You are far more valuable

Then everything else invisible

I am Influenced by the world

Deceived with twisted lies

And they're coated with such a sweetness

Are such moments deemed by a name?

Are there ways to spot them?

On the surface they appear sweet

Regenerated by these repetitive moments

I have come to discover

Their shape shifting abilities

~and the truth seeps out like blood

from a wound that simply will not clot~

Our moments are simply manipulated by us

They obey our commands, our decisions

And they only shape into what we allow

Here and now are my decisions

Determined by my emotion

These moments rise like dragons

Quickly devouring me

And when bound by my will

They submit to me as still as ice

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