Blades of Grass

The morning dew is captured and concealed

And for a moment in time all is still

What yet is to be revealed?

By the rays of this morning sunrise?

For all is subdued by a sheet of glass

Blanketed and comforted by sickles of ice

Oh that I may behold this scenery

That in due time it might minister to me

The secrets of this world, and the promise of the future

All shall pass...

                         .....all shall fade

"but thy word shall remain in you"

As I have covered these golden blades of grass

With a sheet of winters, chilling ice

So shall my children cover all the earth

             In my word.

Where winter ice decrees a halt in life

And all remains hibernated so frozen in time

I see the morning sunrise break free

And give life to this day

"today is the day of salvation"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Pastor Scott at Mineral Wells Methodist Church.

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