My life I live for me alone

All of Me

My life I live for me alone.

It's the life I choose, my life to live.

The only thing I can truely call my own,

Something given to me by someone who is not you.

The times we fight has increased lately, yet still I love you.

I know you want to protect me,

But can't I have the chance to fail?

Thanks for the warnings, the knowledge,

but in the end, don't you trust me enough to decide?

What have I done to not deserve the trust,

besides being born a girl?

I see how you give him the chance to fail,

And I know you love him too..

I learned how to trust others, but it wasn't from you.

Even in my trust I'm not dumb, not stupid beyond reason.

I won't make a mistake that I can't deal with

because I know that I'm to blame for everything I do wrong.

I'll live up to them, learn from them, understand.

But until I gain the trust from you,

I don't understand why, I just know what your answer will be

Sure, I know that drugs are wrong,

Look at him.

Do you think I want to be stuck here all my life?

I know that drinking causes people to change,

Look what he did to her!

But do you even know what he did to me?

How confused I was,

And still am?

Or do you just choose to live in your oblivion because it's easier.

Do you understand enough to see how much it hurt?

To see how much I hate him,

And still love him?

If I can trust him after what he did, shouldn't you be able to trust me?

Do you understand that I will protect him to the ends of the earth,

But sometimes, protection is making

Someone face reality.

Make him see his future.

Make him understand.

Not me, because I get it.

The only reason I make bad choices,

Have dumb moments,

Is because I'd do anything to forget

and be happy without the fear that it all will disappear,

Anything to make it go away,

To forget the hurt and release the hate.

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