How come?

All of Me

how come it seems lyk nothing we do anymore

-is ever enough?

how come it seems lyk, all these people trying to get by, and live their life..

-keep falling on their faces?

how come there're so many people these days sayin shit needs to be done,

-but doing nothing about it?

how come so many people, jus trying to get by

-are hated for living their life?

how come nothing ever seems right anymore?

how come this world is filled with so many fake pretenses,

-that no one can tell reality from imagination?

how come the streets are so cold, and the world so unpleasent

-that so many people would rather die than live this life.

how come the rain never reminds me of music anymore,

-only of a world full of tears.

how come night isn't the place for sweet dreams anymore,

-only unbidden secrets, lies and scandles.

how come everyday we live,

-it just gets harder to be happy?

how come so many misunderstandings lead to so many fights,

so many tears and angry words?

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