Moisturizing dew
be the rain that falls at night
thirsty flowers weep.


Parcel of perfumes
you are music in my veins
as my blood dances.


Impossible dream
I have waited a lifetime
so smile my beauty.


You became my body
face,my death, a carnival
of loving desires.


Lonely nights vanished
birds of this lonely journey
took flight--flew away.


You managed to come
into my space of safe arms
oh love of my life.


Sparrow of my dreams
broke through the bars of sorrow
on a rainy night.


As you fall asleep
your hair flows like a river
lying on my chest.


Hear my heart beating
proclaiing your lovely name
oh warmth of my heart.


delicious stations
a knight full of eagerness
is awaiting you.


Lovely dream weaver
river of flowing desired
so inhabit me.


Your love is my home
fulll of tenderness and wine
forever drink me.


Hameed AlQaed
Heather Burns

(c) copyright heather burns

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