It was a warm spring day, clouds began
to gather, a mist filled the air.People
were in assembly.I stood looking out
over the beautiful landscape.

Suddenly a song filled the air, it was
the angels singing. Home at last.

Our sweet Dusten had been put to rest.
He was going home, home to be with his
grandmother and other loved ones. Home,
Home to rest in peace. Home to listen
to angelic music.

Even though I felt a pain in my heart
as it began to quiver. I release his sweet
spirit to the heavenly rehlm. God please
take it and give him eternal rest. Let him
sit by the river of life, drink eternal waters,
wrap him in the purest silk and perserve
his soul forever.

In the sweet bye and bye, we shall meet
on that beautiful shore. We shall sing
on that beautiful shore, songs of the
eternal and blessed. Never will we thirst
again. AMEN

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

rest in peace my sweet Dusten. you will live in my heart forever. heather

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