On Wednesday--5--12--2011

I was sitting on the patio, drinking my
coffee, reading the morning paper. It
was a beautiful sunny day. The heat of
sun felt so good on my body. It was
warming me throughly.

My phone began ringing, as I reached to
answer, it was my x-daughter-in-law.
Her voice seemed very upset. I have bad
news for you this morning, she said. What
is it I replied. ?

It's Dusten, he is dead. Dusten has taken
his own life last night with a gun. I felt
a quiver inside. I threw the phone and
started screaming. I was in total shock.
On Tuesday---5---11---2011 my grandson
died. He inserted a gun in his mouth, and
pulled the trigger.

The rest I can't talk about at this time,
perhaps later I will. My family is upset
it's like a nightmare. Only time will tell
what went wrong. How can we know what
other people are thinking.

One thing I do know, life will never be the
same. Two people I love dearly have left
this world recently. I have been shaken
to my core. I will never forget, never.


I have loved and enjoyed knowing you. My computer
buddy, without you life will never be the same.
Even as I write today, I miss you sweet Dusten.
I will forever miss you, rest in peace.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dear dusten, I will forever miss you. you are always in my mind and prayers.
Life is not the same without you. I cannot explain the hurt I feel, it is to deep.
It runs to the core of my being. I love you sweet boy. heather

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