The web of life cycles continues
to weave its pattern around us.
We are an extension of everything
that has gone on before us.Each
being a separate energy, taken
from a large energy field.

We are as students in the earth
school, participating as time
travelers throughout the eons of
time. Being a small part of the
whole. This life cycle carries
us from life to life..As actors
in the drama of life.

We have the potential of under-
standing within ourselves. The
secret is how do we tap into the
knowledge. One way is through
Chakra #6, the brow Chakra. Also
known as the third eye, lying
between the two eye-brows, center
of forehead.
This knowledge can be obtained
through meditation

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The web of life continues to weave its pattern around us.

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