As children , my dearest friend and
I began planning to build a tree
house. We searched until we
finially found the perfect tree.

Along with our brothers, we began
to gather wood, and pieces of
fragments for the roof. When all
the material was gathered, the
construction began.

We worked day after day, endlessly
until we saw the tree house coming
together. Little by little it took shape.
At last it was time for the curtains
to be hung. Our lovely dish towels
were hung from the tree limbs, with
loving care.

Now for the furniture. Old boards
were nailed together for our chairs.
Little pieces of cloth attached for
the covers. We were getting ready
to move in . In our childish eyes,
it was so beautiful.

So many happy hours were spent
there. Every afternoon when we
arrived home from school, we met
at our tree house. We talked,
laughed, whispered secrets.Enjoyed
our tea parties, and the time spent

One summer afternoon, sad news
arrived. My friend was moving to
another city far away. Leaving me
and the tree house behind. Inside I
cried.Suddenly I was alone. Now
it seemed so big and lonely. before
so small and full of life.

As we walked away that hot summer
afternoon so long ago, holding hands,
we knew life for us would never be
the same again. We made a pledge
to each other and set a date someday
we would return.

Our tree house remained, but started
looking old and battered from the
stoms of life. I no longer went there,
as I also moved on to another city.
Before leaving I returned to our
childhood fantasy, saddened and
whispered good-bye. Walked away
with tear filled eyes. Promising to
return someday.

The years have flown by, and today
I am returning to the place I so loved
as a child. Looking at the house old
and worn. yet so loveyt and inviting.

Climbing the broken ladder, I went
inside. Our curtains were tattered but
still remained. Side by side our dolls
were sleeping in their tiny beds. On
the table a lttle tea set. Attached to my
friends doll a note reading.


I cannot attend our tea party today, as
we planned. Someday we will meet at
the big tree house in the sky. There we
will drink our tea from golden goblets. 
I am here now setting the table, and
preparing the tea for our party. Waiting
to welcome your arrival. your childhood
friend MARY.

  (c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Our Tree House is dedicated to my friend whom I have known for forty +years.....I can never forget her.
She has taken a portion of my heart with her. I will always remember our Tree House of yesterday.

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