Somehow the secret door of time has
been unlocked. Allowing us to look
within our souls, and find each other.
The one I have always cultivated in
the chambers of my mind.


Reaching through the veil of time  we
have finially come in contact. Each
pulling the other into existence. Time
has provided a window  so we could look  
into the future.


Somehow we have reached through the
portals of time, and touched each other.
Searching through the canyons of our
minds, refusing to surrender.


I gently trace the lines of  time in
your handsome face. Feel you softly
breathing, as you lie in my arms
sleeping. You are everything I have
ever imagined.


Our souls must have met, and loved in
past life times. Once again we meet,
and love as before.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Answer to a love letter.

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