Don't Speak

I'm sitting here with you on this big comfy bed

Wrapped up, tangled up, embraced in your arms

Feeling your warmth and heart beating up against my body

I sit my hands on your shoulders and look into your eyes as mine fill up with tears

I look away and lose your gaze

But only for a moment...


You turn my face and fix it onto yours and wipe off my wet cheeks

You smile that smile that captivates me though I know I should not let it

Because everyone tells me that you're just trying to keep me holding on for dear life



I begin to speak a bit to fast and once again you stop me

You press your finger to my lips and then you proceed to shush me

Don't speak, just listen

You tell me exactly how you feel and it breaks my heart in two

All I'm thinking at this point is how much you still have to prove

Holding my head in your hands as you hold me tightly against you

You try to say what I've longed to hear without ever actually saying it

But I tell you I want to hear it and I pry it out of you


Those three little words leave your lips so easily just like you'd said it for years

I don't say a word...I don't know what to say, but the one thing I couldn't hold back was tears

As I start to ask why now, why now do you tell me

You look into my eyes, yours looking full of emotion

Then you press your lips so softly right up against mine for the first time in years

Surprise and happiness fill me quickly because for once I felt like we were back at where we started

I walk you out to your car relentlessly but willing

You hug me so tight and kiss me one more time making it linger for what seems like forever

As we stand embraced you say for the third time, I love you and I finally respond

I love you too

And then you whisper...

Don't speak




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