Utitled and about the season

Life is like a Christmas tree

With a star upon its crown

It is quite fun to set it up

But a son of a bitch to take back down.

We are like the little things

We stuff in stockings and socks

They come all wrapped in velvet

But end up in a box.

We are all like Christmas cards

Sent to friends with bits of cash,

We’re admired for a glimpse of time

Then tossed atop the trash.

The sweet soft smell of fireplaces

And sounds of singing in a park

Diminish the fact that we forget

When the décor is put back in the dark.

Why do we need to splatter

Our houses in bright flashing lights

For the meaning of Christmas

Lies not in things visible to our eyes.

The reason people are so depressed

Around this time of year

Is that they know the friendship lasts

For but one day, around their fear.

Years go by and so do holidays

And soon we’ve all grown old.

Hug your loved ones, now, for warmth

Because we cant outrun the cold.

The only things about Christmas

That I can say I truly like

Is the single day of friendship

And the birth of Jesus Christ.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmm,   needs great amounts of editing.

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