But Then It Begins

The Three Deaths

Terror, fear, corruption,

Bountiful killings and misconception,

Slaughter breeds excellence,

Swallow all your pestilence.

Greed is the new manner,

wave the red banner,

blood covers your hands,

listen to the corruption band.

Disgusting mutilation,

public humiliation,

mounds of bodies that grow higher,

anything to keep your power.

So it begins, the end of days,

get on your news and pray.

There is no forgiveness for your deeds,

but still you beg and plead.

The only thing that changed your mind,

was the fact that you where unkind,

and now you are to be judged,

by the people that you smudged.

Now you suffer, burning fire,

tell me now, did you enjoy your desire?

Because now you pay for it in toxic death,

so don't even try to hold your breath.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 2.

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