Acts Of Random Violence (ARV)

And Then They Bled

Break open the sky,

let the demons fly!

Watch people die and burn,

as the gears of evil turn.

Free the monsters from their jail,

watch the world burn and fail,

see the government crumble and fall,

watch blood splatter on the walls!

Breathe in exotic, toxic fumes,

watch the darkness that looms.

Watch the many butcher the few,

the world turns a blood red hue.

What we see is just an illusion,

this evil and demented fusion,

We see only the happy days,

and look past the errors of our ways.

This world is going to die,

we will all bawl and cry,

you brought this upon yourselves,

no escaping from this Hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually made this as a parody of the Evan Almighty movie when Morgan Freeman said that ARK stood for Act of Random Kindness. Well, how about an Act of Random Violence? I like violence better.

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