And Murder Will Set You Free

And Then They Bled

So there you stand,

and you have achieved your mischievous plan,

but it went a little to far,

and she lays before you like a crumbled car.

A gash goes from her cheek to her breast,

you look around and see the house is a mess,

you took her life in the heat of passion,

making love to her when you cashed in.

So now she lies, broken and bleeding,

your blood lust has become exceeding,

now she dies the only love for you,

but you couldn't keep away that love for blood too.

She was a gem of beauty and love,

and she was your turtle dove,

now you look down upon her wasted life,

just another victim.

Just another victim.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was drunk when I wrote this. Very drunk. So, I just decided to keep it because it was entertaining to me. I like it. Dunno about you people, if anyone even reads these, but I like it nonetheless.

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