The Crossing of the T

And Then They Bled

Waiting for it to aim straight,

click click click, you better take the bait.

Waiting, waiting, line up the shot,

your life is all for not.

The end begins, as the hour strikes,

the sun is hot, like a power that smites.

click, click, click, fix the scope,

for my target there is no hope.

He walks along the way,

but to many people out today.

patience must be used for this,

so I can take vengeful bliss.

A betrayal so cold and sick,

a cold and heartless trick.

His life is forfeit for his evils,

his life as insignificant as a beetle.

So he stand, all alone,

I call him on his phone.

Tell him of his fate about to unfold,

with no one to see him fall and fold.

A mighty crack echoes across the sky,

a bullet slices through his skull and he does die.

My revenge is finally taken,

all for his theft of my bacon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Boredom breeds some odd things within the human mind. For me to write such a thing is usually out of pure boredom. I thought it was rather hilarious at the time of writing it...which was, like always, a five minute endeavor. If you don't include running for snacks as part of the writing phase.

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