So It Ends

The Three Deaths

Close your eyes,

watch it all die,

this is it,

time to split.

No more tears,

dry your eyes,

no more fears,

say your last good byes.

Paint the picture,

drink the mixture,

blacken the lights,

your last good night.

Open your eyes,

no more good byes,

this is not the end,

go make some friends.

Life is long,

why would you want to be gone?

Get off the bed,

and knock some sense into your head.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is part one of three poems I made a while back. Actually, I just lied I made the first and second about two weeks ago, and the third one I finished like...five days ago. They are linked in name only, really, but I like putting them together because of their brutality.

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