Walking down the street i come to a fork in the road, to the left i see the path i must take, i see the obstacles i must endure, it does not look easy but i can see. To the right, the road fades away in the distance, it is dark and i can see nothing. Stopping to ponder i must figure out which way to go, the road behind me is littered with the tears i have shed from all the pain, covered with dried blood from all the rage. My mind says go left where you can see your path, sure it is a hard one, but you can see where you are going, you can prepare for your challenges. It is to late, my subconscious has already taken me to the right, into the darkness into the abyss. I cant see anything, i try to turn around but i am engulfed by complete darkness, it is to late. Its cold and lonely now, there is nobody around to save me, im scared, IM LOST. Destined to tread this path alone till i find light again, i come across many demons on my way through, many in which i summon on my own in the attempt to ease the slow steady burn of this loneliness and fear that continues to rise inside me. Im not sure how much longer i can continue, my feet hurt, knees weak, my body battered and bruised. I dont want to go on, i cant go on, suddenly at my weakest i have ever been i here a familiar voice that tells me to keep moving. I cant remember who it is, this darkness has overcome me and erased all the good i have ever known. Will i make it out, can i survive this, or will the demons consume my soul, this voice ensures me that i can but i am still lost in the darkness. That voice, some how it gives me the strength and courage to press on, at this point i am so weak that i must drag my limp body along as i keep that voice constantly streaming in my head, it is the only thing that is keeping me alive, i would have givin up so long ago. All at once it appears, the faintest bit of light at the end of this dark tunnel, it is so warm, so beautiful, i have not seen a more beautiful sight in my life until i seen the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL



                                                                BY: HARLEY HENRY

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My best friend is the inspiration for this one, he has never failed me and i know he will never fail thanks Chris

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