I keep replaying

How happy he was

To even see my smile

Just simply because

I can't forget his voice

I can't forget his smile

I can't forget how he tried

To make everything worthwhile

No matter how dull the moment

No matter how boring the day

He'd always try to make the best

And make me smile any way

But now it's all gone

He's left me for another

While I sit in my room

With his pillow I smother

Nothing seems to help

Everywhere I go he's there

We've done so much together

I can't go anywhere

Not in the living room

Not at the coffee table

Not in my own room

Every place is unstable

With memories of him

And what we've done

The moments we've shared

Now there is none

Our first date

Was at the mall

So I can't go there

Otherwise I'll bawl

Can't sit in the backyard

We had our first rain kiss

Which isn't a big deal to some

But it's something I'll really miss

The passion of his love

The enthralled heart of mine

How much I had cared for him

But that's a past time

Whatta guy I had with me

So loving, funny, and just sweet

I always said he was too good for me

He's finally gone to fleet

I love him so much

I can't stop just yet

But he wants to move on

How will I ever forget

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Keith Marshal Hixenbaugh

Created on:  July 4, 2006 ��� 07:09

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