So I've figured it out

With the help of one other

Why this break-up hurts so much

This is what I've come to discover

At first I was skeptic

Whether or not to believe

In the relationship we had

I didn't want to be naïve

But time did tell

I believed we'd last

So I gave us my all

Now we are passed

That's the reason why

I sit up at night

Doing nothing but cry

And during the day I fight

I have this feeling about him

That he feels he's been wasting

His time with me for the past 5 months

From the new life style he's tasting

I really am glad he's enjoying though

Cause I think I was holding him back

From living how he's wanted

By his recent weekend act

Every night partying

Hooking up already

Living in the fast lane

With someone just as ready

When I keep thinking of him

With some other girl so soon

I can't help but to cry

I had such faith till the end of June

I won't ever let this happen

I won't ever quickly get close

I won't ever allow myself to get hurt

Until I have some SERIOUS repose

Because I had so much faith

And I was hurt worse then ever

I'll prevent this the next time

Cause I won't cry this way for whoever

Ispired by: / Dedicated to: Keith Marshal Hixenbaugh

Created on: July 5, 2006 – 12:45

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