Contemplating, revising, and denying

I sat looking at two screen names

My boyfriend and an ex while sighing

Trying to stop the fight with my head games

I know I love Gerald, my boyfriend

But I have unsettled feelings with my ex

Adam was something special that came to an end

Which lead to feelings that were complex

Good times came into thought

Old feelings came in too

Not wanting to get caught

I thought of what to do

I’d mention to Gerald of my past

And how it never died

It went by through me so fast

And no time to let them subside

He might take it a wrong way

Since he’s been through this before

But I don’t want us to start to decay

Because he’s someone I truly adore

I don’t want the feelings back

Because they’ll just interfere

I had everything set on track

And now they’re all clear

I read a blog that was rather revealing

Befuddling questions filling my mind

I kept repressing the growing feeling

But others were starting to unwind

Inspired by: Adam G. Zimmerman

Created on: October 6, 2005

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