With him getting bored

After I was but forgot

I can now see

That we will never be

If he wants more excitement

That I can't give right now

Because of how time is who I am

Then the relationship would be a scam

Of containing his restrained heart

When he seeks something more

And I can't even begin to bare

That I might to him be a bore

I was bored

From lack of intellect

But I started thinking

And it wasn't a good enough reason

To give an interject

It was hard at first

Cause I thought

I was the only one

Who had the bored feeling

Then I realized his begun

He told me that he was bored

Or at least started to get that way

And it was that way for a while

But he never wanted to say

Now that I know this

I guess it's easier

Cause now I see

We can't be together

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Keith Marshal Hixenbaugh

Created on:  July 1, 2006 ��� 21:30

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