So we've been talking

And've become fairly close

But I'm in a relationship

While his feelings expose

He's been explicit

And it all came out today

Of the feelings that he has for me

How it puts him in dismay

What he told me

Was that it was hard

To stay close to a girl in a relationship

Because he'd always end up scared

When I read this

I knew what he meant

And I felt my heart drop

But wouldn't allow the torment

He thinks that when he's shared

His feeling for a female

He's always failed with flying colors

And his feelings never prevail

Little did he know

The truth behind his actions

Because every word he’d say to me

Continues to catch my attractions

For the longest time

I never knew

That he liked me

Till I brought my own through

And ever since

The moment I did

He's been more open

To the feelings he's hid

I don't think he knows

How I think of him everyday

Or how when I'm sad

He's the first who I convey

I don't think he realizes

The impressions he's made

Involving my existence

Or even my heart he's weighed

When I hear his voice

When I see him smile

When I read his songs

Nothing's more worthwhile

With all that he's done

For my mind and existence

I can't just ignore him

But the other relationship is resistance

I don't want to break up

With this other guy I'm involved

But I want to be with Chris

I don't know how to make this solved

I love my boyfriend

But this feeling has been getting dim

I don't want Chris to think it's his fault

I just can't allow myself to lose him

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Chris Bibbs

Created on:  June 28, 2006 – 03:55

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