It is easy to get lost in one's heart.

Each artery is a new tunnel to explore;

where emotions lurk, never none and always more,

Hearts like these are empty from the start.

If not for you these caves would be free.

To welcome new travelers and their vices,

but now they have been left to their devices.

Due to thoughts of you, which have collapsed the tunnels of me.

I fail to pretend this is not the case.

"Come one, come all, the way is not blocked!

Roam as you please but don't be shocked,

when I ask you to leave; for this is my place."

But you! You have entered the tunnels of me

like a settler on a mission

and if this was your plan, then it has come to fruition.

A plan executed seemingly effortlessly.

These tunnels were never meant to crumble;

build strong, sturdy, and reliable.

The construction was perfect, a fact most undeniable.

However my design has begun to fumble.

I left my doors open so no one could stay.

Doors matter little to you;

for a mere smile tore through.

The chemicals in my head were destined to win.

So when you began your journey.

I never dreamed—the cave of me 

was destined to lock you in.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanted a poem to capture what it feels like to fall in love when you try to close yourself off. It is a story of someone who has never wanted to be grasped by love and was then swept up by an unexpect "cave-in" if you will.


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