Penguins Take Over the Arctic

During the 2000’s, Polar Bears in the Arctic used to be something common, people thought of this place and the first thing that came to mind were ice glaciers, it’s freezing weather or polar bears. But now in the years 3200’s, this place no longer holds life. Theodore was one of the polar bears that called Antarctica their home. Him, along with the other polar bears all used to hold a good relationship with the gods of their nation “penguins”. Penguins used to live in the south side known as Antarctica but they them moved to the North. When they arrived they, all used to be seen as equals; there was a time where they were even below polar bears on the food chain, but then, they started multiplying and even created a council that controlled all living things. Eventually, all other animals begun calling them gods because all life depended on them. At first this wasn’t a problem, all polar bears lived a satisfying life, here were lots of fish they could eat, and the humans there were even friendly unlike the ones that lived on the south side. Life was great for Theodore until he started to notice something. He noticed that the place where he caught his fish was getting bigger. At first, he thought this was a good thing because it seemed like more fish would come, but it wasn’t. Penguins were taking over their land. They did not care that this was the home of other animals and only worried about their own well-being. They destroyed some homes to build their own and never cleaned after themselves. Theodore noticed that the ice kept getting smaller and he knew that something was not right. He decided to go in for a swim and what he noticed surprised him. Two things: there were significantly less fish than he remembered, and he also noticed that the water was not as refreshing as it used to be; as if it’s temperature had raised. All the other bears started to get worried and some of them even started to pack their stuff with the intention to move to the south side. Theodore tried talking to the penguin council and they said that although the melting of the ice was affecting them, they had to put their own priorities over the life of others. Theodore decided to stay at least for a little while longer to see if things improved. Days passed and passed but there were no results. The ice kept melting and there were less and less fish. After a few weeks of waiting, Theodore noticed that some of the bears that had left for the south side were coming back, but something didn’t look right. They said that they got attacked by the penguins that now had spears and even those that got away went on to find out that the other bear village was completely gone. Nothing but water was left. This was when Theodore realized what was going on. Soon, there would no longer be food for them and no space to live in since their home was melting. Theodore decided that it was time to move to a whole new place. Some place that they had never been before. It was then when he saw the enormous curtain of water heading toward their direction. Theodore had seen this before when throwing pieces of ice into the water. It was a Tsunami. Polar bears never saw this as a possibility in Antarctica, but climate change had gotten so radical due to the penguins and their selfishness that new disasters were facing them. Maybe if the penguins would have taken care of the environment and put in a little effort to reduce the temperature, then Theodore and his friends would still be wandering around Antarctica and not somewhere submerged in the ocean.

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