Ballad of The Vos Troll

Sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Come and listen to my story about a Troll named Vos
Never had a life and never learned to wash,
Lived in his parent's basement playin' with his toes
He liked to dress up in women's clothes

His mom's that is, skirts, lingere

So they got him a computer and Vos learned to type,
Sittin' on the toilet so he never had to wipe
He said "online" is the place I ought to be"
So he booted up and logged on and found Poetry.

Chat room, that is. Late Night, AOL.

The next thing you know the Troll's got a screen name
and another and another, none of them the same
I can screw with who I want and they'll never know it's me
and he gets himself off and smiles gently

Such fun this is, ((((Vos)))) they say, lol

His mom says Son, won't you give me back my clothes
go make some friends and leave your hidey hole.
His dad says son, you're over fif-tee!
But dad I have more screen names than any-body…

else that is, they're all jealous, …… of ME!

I can put a bunch of names in the same room
I sit and I wait, someone will come soon
I can mock their dead loved ones and use vulgarity
and the others will believe it when I say it's not me.

So dumb they are, not like me, hahahahahahha!

Some say they don't know, some say they don't care
I can bend them over and take them then and there
If I call them "good people" and say I like their writes
I can use them to get off all day and night.

Pleasure myself that is, One hand typing, ……. grins.

…….. to be continued.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feel free to continue the story about the Troll named Vos!

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