Sanguine Rose




Hope is the beginning and hope is the end,

hope is falling then finding a friend

to hold you steady to see you right.

Hope that you come unscathed from the fight,

look to the future but don't forget the past,

time keeps flowing, winding and fast.

Hope for the one to hold your hand,

hope is but a grain of sand

washed up on the beach of life.

Finding a gem shining bright,

A true word spoken helps you into the light.

Out of the darkness hope springs eternal,

Into the fire it burns infernal

hope keeps you going down the beaten track

pushing you forward never throwing you back.

Hope for the saint and hope for the sinner,

strength and power brings hope for the beginner.

Grace and beauty, winner takes all

no more for the ones who can make the long haul.

The good die young and the old linger,

no words for a song, no lyrics for the singer.

Hope in the winter to keep you warm

out of the darkness comes the morning dawn.

Hope for the eternal dream,

the gentle lapping of a simple stream.

Silent nights and quiet morns

hope is the feeling to all are drawn.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment

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