Florida Face Off

If you believe Florida was the first case of "bathsalts" and terror, you are dead wrong. A woman in Maine cut her teeth out because she thought ticks were crawling into her mouth and digging into her teeth while slowly working their way up to suck blood directly from her nerves, also a 40 year old transvestite riding a moped was caught tossing firewood at speeding cars while holding a rose... Sounds like my kind of drug, Reminds me of a bad trip I had with Datura or better known as trumpet juice, watching your television melt while cleaning up your own puke because you couldn’t swallow a potato chip has to be in the top five miserable moments in my life, while dazed and feeling like death was near I somehow found myself looking up the drug online and learned a man in Germany took Datura and mutilated his testicles with a garden hoe.

Well, let’s get back to the whole face off situation, I am actually the only man that had the opportunity to interview 31-year-old Rudy Eugene from the grave, he told me the story in its entirety. In the mongoloids own cannibalistic mind I went to uncover the truth behind the face that ate the face and the facts beneath his fiction and somehow found myself and everyone else in the belly of the beast, he told me straight as Sandusky that he was born for this business and anyone who had a taste in the grimier things in life would understand that a bum in Florida’s heat smells a whole lot like chicken and he simply couldn’t contain himself, he also added that bathsalts had nothing to do with his actions…. Welcome to America

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