My New Home


Emerging from a glass door

Of my new beautiful home;

This lovely morning wafts a floral scented air.

What a pleasant welcome! This great surround

Is brightly donned by the happy blooms of

The summer gardens around.

The greens prevail in plants, enriched

By the rain, that flourishes their chromatic fills.

They attract colourful plumaged birds to stay with us.

Roses in red, yellow, and pastel pink;

Lavender shrubs and all others, wink as

They call the bees, seeping nectar in every bloom.

My new home, the seat of a new beginning

Of life in this block; safely built with love,

Peace and friendly faces all around me.

I can feel contentment.

Happy in the company of good neighbours,

And, my two affectionate but cheeky cats.

Copyright © 2007 Greenmeadow

(December 3, 2007)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~I am happy at last to settle down in my new home. This is situated in a nice big compound with about a dozen of duplexes. It has its own green oval and well-landscaped garden. The best part is, it has been allotted with veggie garden patches to which I can plant some useful and practical easy to grow vegetables and herbs, of course. It is in close proximity to the shops and the railway station for quick convenient transport.

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