Summer Promenade

Summer is here again.

My sweet reverie begins.

In the night, repose

With the tide, the sea mellows.

I solemnly tread upon the silver sand.

Each footstep winding with a glance;

Sinking in every moment’s care,

As I leave my footmarks, bare.

Twinkling starry nights I oft to gaze;

Stirring memories, I fondly recall,

Some childhood silhouettes move

As if, they sway among the leaves.

This magical moment in time,

Has gripped my heart with longing,

When I hear the carillon chimes,

It is calling my name from home.

The quiet hush of the sea make waves,

To the seashore they cleanly sweep,

With gentle laps in the glinting sand;

Mingle with sadness, they groan and weep.

My childhood is well-remembered by

Of my life where the bank swells with pride

This summer promenade washes mem’ry

My lonely echo sends the tide away.

Copyright@greenmeadow, November 16, 2007

QH NSW Australia

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~A dedicatory poem of my childhood after two decades living away from home. I feel so homesick. I miss my big boisterous, happy family.~

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