What The Future Holds

I no longer live in dreams.

My dreams drifted in the torrent of despair:

Vanished into the mist of frustration;

Thickly condensed in the foam of irreconciliation.

I no longer sleep with dreams.

They turned into pillows of nightmares;

Easing in the tide of pointless struggle

While clinging on to the rays of consolation.

I simply give up looming dreams.

Surrendering them all to His Will above.

What day may come, the night might hold;

The answer to my prayers, suppressed.

The dawn of fears raised, as the rising sun lifts;

A streak of feathered ambience hoisted adrift;

The conclusive Will of that majestic power.

It is He, who designed my soul

For what the future holds.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

...feeling so hopeless...

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