Soar my angel..

yes its you that i always dreamnt of,

everyday everynight its you who i thought.

it hurts so much to see you near yet feels a million miles away,

i shed so many tears for this dream to know it was just a lie,i...i dont know what to say..

yes i guess its time to say goodbye though i dont want to,

but fate has its own plan to where i have to go.

i have to do this for a fact that all i wanted was to be with you,

so much chaos that the only angel i cared for is the one i had to lose.

and yes... i love you in so many ways i do,

so much of this emotion that i hate to say farewell to you.

but i believe that therell always be a crossroads though we walk on diff'rent ways,

till then soar my angel,carry with you a promise that in my heart forever you shall stay...

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